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Our aim is for our community to be able to seek out new opportunities at inclusive businesses and build more diverse teams within your own organisations.

Lived Equity are pleased to partner with and BAME Recruitment & Consulting on our opportunities page for our community! Both organisations were founded to move the needle faster in driving fairer workplaces and opportunities. 
Their reputations for being a supportive but critical partner to organisations that are ready to welcome difference and diversity, is exactly why Lived Equity believe that they are doing recruitment the right way. Services offered by both businesses provide a blend of Talent Attraction, Recruitment Marketing, Executive Search, Training and Consultancy Services to support organisations to become more inclusive. As a Black female majority-owned business, we herald Cynthia Davis's - CEO of BAME Recruitment & Consulting and - direction and commitment to creating a fair and just society where everyone has equal access to opportunities.


Working with candidates from ALL backgrounds, including but not limited to, those from underrepresented communities and champion for candidates with protected characteristics including race, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy, age, religion - as well as working parents and women in leadership.

If you are interested in finding a new role or are looking to grow your team and hire diverse talent, check out both sites below!

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