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Lived Equity Live with Rory Brown

Having discussions where we acknowledge we are not perfect and don't have all the answers is hard and doesn't often happen, and we believe this is such an important part of self-reflection. We must also accept that not everyone is at the same place of learning and understanding, but as long as people are willing and want to do the work to support diversity and inclusion, then we are here to support them.

This is why we thoroughly enjoyed speaking to Rory Brown, a White male who positively benefits from the current status quo, because D&I conversations often don't include individuals like Rory. Rory is in a position to make active changes and to advocate for under-privileged groups, and we wanted to find out more about his journey on 'checking his privileges' and self-reflection.


It was important for us to ask Rory about the turning points or realisations, which led to him seeing the imbalances we live in and about why he felt he has to do more to make positive changes. We really appreciated Rory's candour and openness during this discussion! We believe it is important to engage not just those who are directly affected by D&I issues, but also speak to those who very often hold power in our society.


At Lived Equity we believe creating more allies is a key step towards gaining equity for all, and we are proud to have allies like Rory!