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Lived Equity Live with Liseli Sitali

Liseli Sitali is the one woman powerhouse who is the founder and host of the inspiring In Her Corner podcast. We highly recommend you listen to the podcast as it's aim to celebrate women working at every level of sport on and off the field is amazing!

Liseli amplifies women's voices on her engaging podcast - check out here - and our co-founder Stephanie Corker had the great opportunity to feature on a podcast episode about the pursuit of equity. Liseli is a true advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion and has been named as 'Ones To Watch' of the Football Black List 2020 for her ongoing work!


Lived Equity had the opportunity to interview the interviewer and find out more about Liseli and her journey; when did she first start standing up or speaking up against a wrong; what fuels her drive for doing the work (we honestly don't know when Liseli sleeps with all the amazing work she does!); what inspired her to start the podcast and what advice would she give to those facing barriers and adversity.

We throughly enjoyed speaking to Liseli and would love to share the snippets of wisdom below with you all!