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Lived Equity Live with James Rhee

James Rhee is a passionate educator and proud head of department at Nonsuch High School for Girls, who is dedicated to providing students with the best opportunities and experiences through the Design and Technology curriculum. Outside of school, he is a lego enthusiast, maker of coffee and cocktails, keen cyclist, and active ally on a learning journey. James is an empath and his approach to building human connections and treating others with respect is such an important trait, that we believe will and does make a difference for students.

Our co-founder Steph had the chance to have a deep conversation with James where they have discussed how their lived experiences growing up of not quite belonging has informed how they approach situations nowadays. The conversation points included:


  • Heritage and James' culture

  • Being a culture sponge

  • The importance of empathy, listening and respecting conversations

  • Gen Z changing the world

  • Advice for other teachers how to make the curriculum more inclusive without forgetting British values

  • Advice on finding confidence and your voice 


Check out the conversation below!