Lived Equity Live with Atem Mbeboh

Atem is the founder of Rant + Rave, a digital storytelling and creative agency with a focus on inclusive narratives. Rant + Rave work with brands to develop narratives that build on brand and organisational affinity. They work across a variety of sectors more notably, media publishing, financial, legal and fashion & beauty.

At Lived Equity, we wanted to know more about the founder of this inspirational company which seeks to better serve their consumers and society, as a whole, and work with companies that want to inspire change through creative solutions. Our co-founder Steph sat down with Atem for an insightful conversation covering the following topics:

  • Intro to Atem and the story of Rant + Rave

  • What has shaped Atem

  • The importance of telling the truth within communities

  • The reality of being a minority and diverse communities being stronger together 

  • The pivotal role that the marketing industry has to play in education

  • Inclusive marketing reaching further

  • The narrative changing and Atem's call to action

Check out the conversation below!