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Lived Equity Live BHM US With Lindsay LaBennett & Chafie Fields

We loved hosting a special Lived Equity Live BHM US event where we discussed 'Appropriation vs. Appreciation' with our special guests Lindsay LaBennett and Chafie Fields. 

Lindsay LaBennett is a proud HBCU graduate, hailing from North Carolina A&T State University, with her Masters in Sports Management. Lindsay has been working in the sports industry for 10 years, starting her career off at NASCAR’s Diversity Affairs department and then transitioned to agency side managing NFL sponsorships for Fortune 500 brands. She’s currently focused on shifting the culture of inclusion in the industry as Senior Director of Inclusion, Equity and Diversity at Wasserman. Lindsay is a contributing author to 'The HBCU Experience' book.


Chafie Fields is the Executive VP of Team Sports at Wasserman. Chafie represents both American football and basketball athletes and is the co-head of Wasserman's NFL division representing over 40 football clients. Chafie become an All-America wideout at Jules Mastbaum High School, then one of the all-time best receivers at Penn State, followed by a NFL stint with the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos and New York Jets, and has been using his experiences as a top sports agent for the past 18 years.